KY3 offers close captioning for our deaf and hearing impaired viewers. We are the only station to provide live closed captioning during our 5pm, 6pm and 10pm newscasts. Severe weather cut-ins are live closed captioned on KY3 and The Ozarks CW.


If you have a closed captioning complaint that requires immediate attention (such as captions appearing to be garbled) you can reach us at any time.

Phone: 417-268-3000

Our switchboard is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm. After regular business hours the recording will direct you to press 3. You will be connected to our operations department to help with immediate issues.

E-Mail: (this will be routed to engineering/operations/GM for response)

Fax : 417-268-3364

If you have other closed captioning issues that are not of an immediate nature, you can reach us by phone, fax, e-mail or regular mail.  Contact for these concerns is:

Brian McDonough

President/General Manager

KY3, Inc.

999 W. Sunshine Street

P.O. Box 3500

Springfield, MO 65807

Phone: 417-268-3000

Fax: 417-268-3360


Since televisions and converter boxes have instruction specific for that piece of electronics, your first step should be to look in your owners manuals. The manual should have instructions to walk you through correcting specific issues with your television or converter box.  


If you have a black box appearing on your screen – this may be caused by the closed caption service on your TV or converter box. This can also be caused by the “PIP” feature (picture in a picture) if your television has this capability.

The following may be able to fix the black box issue, but it is best to check your manual:

If you select “on” for closed caption service 1, you will see closed captioning on your TV.

If you select “on” for any other caption service, 2-11, you may see the black box on the screen. It may cover most of the screen or just a small part. This can be from your television or converter box remotes. Sometimes some small random characters appear.

Most remote controls have a “CC” button that when pushed will toggle between the closed captioning being off or on while showing a brief display of the status. If there is no “CC” button on your remote control, you will have to navigate from the main menu. Normally closed captioning is an option within the set up menu. (Your owners manual should have these instructions.)