2-headed rattlesnake found in eastern Arkansas

FORREST CITY, Ark. (CNN) -- An eastern Arkansa man did a double-take when he saw a rattlesnake along a road near Forrest City.

Rodney Kelso found the two-headed timber rattlesnake while working off of Highway 284. The snake is about 11 inches long. Kelso found the snake with two other 'normal' snakes.

Full-grown timber snakes, the most venomous snake in Arkansas, can grow longer than four feet and be as wide as an adult human’s arm.

Two-headed snakes have short life spans, especially in the wild. It is technically two snakes fused together, so with two brains making independent decisions they may not react fast enough when faced with predators. When a snake embryo doesn’t fully separate, it can result in a two-headed snake.

It is unclear if both snakes both eat and digest food.