A look at what was once there along Route 66 in Missouri

Springfield, MO We're taking a drive down Route 66 and into the past on this website WhatWasThere.com.
What Was There

The website combines photos from the past with a Google view from the present.

Zeno's Steakhouse in Rolla is our first stop. It was built in 1957. It closed in 20-11 and when you look at the video you can see how it looks today.

John's Modern Cabin's opened in 1931 in Newburg. The place gained famed in 1935 for a murder. The cabins are still there. But, we're told they are really falling apart.

The Morgan Heights Tourist Hotel was up and running in the 1940's. It's a place where you could get a room for a buck-fifty a night.

In Waynesville, a large home was expanded into a hotel in 1925... the bell hotel advertised, "every facility for the traveler's pleasure." These days the website says the building is used as a funeral home.

Andy's Street Car Grill opened in 1946 in Lebanon. It advertised, "famous fried domestic rabbit." It was demolished in 1961.

The 66 Motor Court in Marshfield looked great in the 1950's. But, these days, it's just a vacant field.

Gene's Drive-In Restaurant and Service station in Springfield offered premium steaks for 35 cents and up back in the route's heyday. But, it too was torn down. In 1996. It made way for a car wash.

And out west of Springfield, the Kel-Lake Motel in Carthage is across from Lake Kellogg. It rocketed to fame for the arrest of two men who were thought to be involved in the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. It's still open.