Adopt A Pet reminds you to spay and neuter your pets

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Just like TV's Bob Barker did for decades, the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri is reminding you to spay or neuter your pet.

Dr. Julie Horton outlined the benefits besides reducing the pet population.

Spaying/neutering pets will dramatically decrease our population problem. It will decrease strays and unwanted pets.

Pets roam away from home when they are in heat increasing the chance of a lost pet or hit by car.

Spaying your female pet will decrease the chance of developing mammary tumors (breast cancer) by as much as 80-90%, especially if you do this prior to their first heat.

Neutering your male pet dramatically decreases prostate problems and benign rectal tumors.

Please check your veterinarian regarding cost. The Humane Society and SAFE House offer low cost spay neuters.

If you note feral cats in your area you can rent a trap from the Humane Society to bring that cat in for spaying/neutering and then to be released. This is a great way to decrease the feral cat population.

It’s a great time to adopt as the Humane Society has every type of dog cat to suit all individuals. Their facility is out of space every day! Because it has a limited capacity to house animals, there is always a need for people to foster animals, especially kittens and puppies.

The Humane Society is located at 3161 W. Norton road in Springfield.