Cleanup begins after storm moves through Wright County

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MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo. Folks in Wright County have a couple days of cleanup ahead of them after the strong storms swept through the area early Friday.

A farm in Macomb, Missouri had a barn flattened. There's some farm equipment and tractor trailers trapped underneath that barn, and right now, they're just trying to lift up the roof so it doesn't collapse even more on top of that equipment.

Storm damage in the Mountain Grove area was a little hit or miss, you could go several miles without seeing any damage and then run into several tree limbs down in people's yards and also on the roads. One farm a little bit outside the Mountain Grove area had extensive damage to its barn. Pieces of the roof and the siding blown all over their property and several trees splintered into pieces, broken off, torn down all over their yard.

People got a lot of cleanup ahead of them and they're touching base with the insurance company to see what might be covered as they continue to clean up after this storm. There were five calves and a horse outside under that barn that was damaged last night. They went out to check on them as soon as they heard the storm was over and luckily, they were able to get out in time and all the animals were safe.

"At first it sounded like it was hail hitting the house, and we were like, oh. And then we realized it was tree limbs hitting the house, because it's got that metal roof, and you can really hear it in there. We both ran to the basement," said Connie Strain, who lives on the farm.

A lot of the residents that we talked to said they had family members coming to help them clean up all the damage on their property after the storms. And many of them just say they're very lucky that they didn't have any more damage and no one was hurt.