DON'T BE FOOLED: Greene County Sheriff's Department warns of scam

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The Greene County Sheriff's Department says a scam artist is using its name to try to steal money from people.

This scam works like this. A man claims to be a Greene County sheriff's employee named Sgt. Kevin Price. He says either (a) you missed a court date and owe a fine, or (b) you have a warrant for your arrest because you owe a fine. He says, in either case, you can avoid arrest by paying the fine with a prepaid credit card. He gives a cell phone number for you to call back if you have questions.

No Sgt. Kevin Price works for the sheriff. The department is getting calls daily for this man

If you get a phone call from someone claiming to be a Greene County employee and you did not call to report a crime or asked to be contacted by an investigator, you should hang up.

Impersonating a law enforcement officer is a crime.

If you need more information:

1) check the department's website:
2) call it at (417) 868-4040, or
3) send a message on its Facebook page: