Dial 112 instead of 911?

Perhaps you've seen the story in your Facebook newsfeed. First responders say the message is alarming and spreads false information.

A woman says she was being followed and dialed 1-1-2 ... instead of 9-1-1. Help arrived. There are a few different versions, but it boils down to saying there's another number ... a secret number ... to call for emergencies.

All the stories encourage you to share this special emergency number with your friends. It even says it works in all fifty states. That's just not true. It's not that simple. 1-1-2 is the European version of 9-1-1. Several countries use it, but not here. If you dial 1-1-2 you might get help or you might not.

"It is frustrating to have other numbers thrown out there, but everyone again in the U.S. just use 911 to get emergency assistance. Whether that be police, fire or emergency EMS," said Zim Schwartze with
Springfield-Greene County 911.