Graphic Video Viewer Discretion Advised; woman expected to be okay after being hit by a car

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. A video clip showing a car hitting a woman is so dramatic it looks like it could have been in a movie, but it happened in real life and was captured on a security camera.

The images show the woman standing in the median at the intersection of West Sunshine and Zimmer as traffic whizzes by. Shortly after the oncoming traffic received a green light, a car can be seen jumping the curb, smashing through a street sign and striking the woman, sending her flying through the air until she hit the ground.

Timberlie Wright works near the accident scene and saw it happen. "I heard it first and then as I looked up, I seen her kind of flying and I seen her land over there and then I see the car go up the embankment," she explained.

Wright, who has seen a lot accidents at that location (including a recent deadly motorcycle wreck), said the woman was panhandling and that Wright had talked to her before because she was worried something like this would happen.

When it did occur, Wright didn't hesitate to rush over to help. She recalled the woman was alert and "she was saying 'I don't want to die. I don't want to die.'" said Wright. The woman was taken to the hospital, but police at the scene said her injuries were not life threatening.

Wright is relieved to hear the woman, whose name has not been released, will be okay, but she's still worried this could happen again to someone else. "Sunshine is a really busy street and whenever you stand out in the middle of it, people text and drive, or you know just looking around to see their kids. They may not see you and they may hit you," she said.

The driver was not hurt; police are still investigating the incident.