Greene County deputies investigate shooting near Springfield

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NEAR SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Greene County deputies say a man was shot multiple times in a shooting Monday morning just outside Springfield city limits.

The shooting happened in the 3700 block of West Roxbury. That is north of James River and Scenic Avenue

Deputies say the victim suffered life-threatening injuries. The shooter remains on the run. Police believe this is not a random shooting. Police have been called to that home eight times within the past year, for things like check well-being, domestic disturbance, general disturbance and stealing. Deputies say a woman called 911 to report hearing shots in her neighborhood.

"It just makes me a little nervous because my kids are teenagers, but I am leaving them at home while I go work... so I just wanted to know what was going on," said one neighbor who stopped by the crime scene. "If it was an active situation where somebody was being held hostage or something... I would want to stay home with my kids," the woman said.

Greene County deputies have no description of the shooter, or shooters.

Greene County says this is the first shooting this year in the county, but in Springfield city limits alone this year-- just half way through the year-- there have been 490 assaults, and of those, 110 involved a firearm.