Harmony House opens new domestic violence shelter in Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Harmony House is opening a new domestic violence shelter in southeast Springfield, near Battlefield Road at U.S. 65.

The new facility will give 160 people per night a safe place to sleep. That is 50 more beds than the old facility on Cherry Street.

The new space features larger rooms that can comfortably sleep four people. Each room has a private bathroom.

The building is a renovated hotel and has three levels with a conference area, child care rooms, and a commercial kitchen where guests are served three meals a day.

Staff members say, now, they'll be able to offer even more support services, like free medical care.

"They've been hurt and they need to go to the hospital. They need to go to urgent care or they need to go to the emergency room, but they're afraid because they think their abuser is going to find them in those locations. We can't force someone to leave and go get stitched so we have a great partnership with Mercy and SBU school of nursing," said Esther Munch, Harmony House's director of development.

Munch says the main goal of the new facility is to take in more people who are in danger.

"It's life and death. The people that we serve at Harmony House are fleeing imminent danger, so their lives are in danger, their children's lives are in danger. So, anytime that someone calls us and they have decided to break that cycle of violence and we have to say 'I'm sorry, we don't have a bed,' that's terrible. Who knows what danger they're in," Munch said.

Many donors within the Springfield community made the new building a reality.