Irma's roar gives way to grinding chorus of saws, generators

Hurricane Irma damage in Saint Martin, Photo Date: 9/7/17

SWEETWATER, Fla. (AP) - A grinding chorus of chain saws and generators has replaced Hurricane Irma's roar in Sweetwater, a small, mostly Spanish-speaking town west of Miami where streets were swamped, fences and trees fell, cars got stuck in floodwater and shed roofs bent like tin foil.

Electricity is out but the people are being powered by coffee and little sandwiches, handed through "cafecito" windows that opened early Monday. Residents with weary eyes and mussed hair are struggling to clear tree branches and debris from their yards. City trucks with giant metal claws are handling the big stuff.

While the storm surge hit the coast, inland communities like Sweetwater were swamped by rain, and the ground will likely remain saturated.

The Everglades was already full of rainwater, and now trillions of gallons of ocean water is flowing south.