Is your City Utilities bill higher this month? Here's why

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KSPR/KY3) - City Utility customers are asking why their bills are suddenly so much higher this month, some are even claiming their bills doubled since last months payment.

Joel Alexander with City Utilities said there could be two reasons behind the sudden increase, the first is the weather. Since it was so hot the first half of August and is now cooling down, that's a lot for any system to handle. "Your system will be working harder during those hot days and then you'll be backing it down and not using it quite as much during the cooler times so it's just the cycle we are in with the weather right now," said Alexander. He also said that during the month of August there were 15 days above 90 degrees.

The second cause of bills being a little higher is a sewer increase. "There have been some increases on the sewer side of the water bill, that is not administered by us, that's a city of Springfield side," Alexander explained. He said that increase has been in place for a while but some people may have forgotten to take that into account.

He said the company has received many calls about recent charges. He reassured they are pretty typical for this weather pattern. He also encouraged people to call with any questions, reminding people they are happy to check meters or review charges with anyone. "If you have a question about your meter read give us a call and we can come and investigate that."

He also talked about the ongoing changes with meters throughout Springfield. "In many portions of the city we are installing the AMI readers, which are an automatic communication link directly to the city utilities," he said. He said most electric meters have been slowly changed over the past year and half. Next, they will focus on changing the gas and water meters as well. "it's a multi-year project, but once it's done we'll have that ability to know immediately what's going on with an area of town or specifically with a customer." He said the process takes more time for a company like City Utilities considering they cover electric, natural gas and water all under one branch.

For questions about your bill call the City Utilities customer service line at (417) 863-9000.

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