Man forced to take American flag down at Springfield apartment

Displaying Old Glory on the patio is against the rules at one Springfield apartment complex.

"I thought, why couldn't the American Flag fly in America?" Tenant Connor Kimzey said.

Kimzey says he had been flying the flag at his Old Monterey Apartment for months, but last week he was ordered to take it down.

"Freedom, patriotism, and a better way of life. [The flag] represents all the bloodshed that our past and present veterans spill. It's too powerful of a object for our country not to proudly display it," Kimzey said.

That's why Kimzey securely mounted his American flag to his back patio. His apartment backs up to a grassy area and the patio is not above any heavy populated areas like a parking lot. So, Kimzey says he does not see any safety issues with its placement. Kimzey says management tells him they did not receive any complaints about the flag or its placement.

"It wasn't doing anyone harm. I felt like people might actually enjoy it," Kimzey said.

A notice from Old Monterey Management ordered him to immediately take it down. It states that hanging things from the patio is against policy and provides a list of things residents are prohibited from hanging.

"Clothes, sheets, blankets, covers or any other items to the similar or dissimilar," Kimzey said, reading the letter.

Kimzey points out that the flag isn't specifically mentioned.

"But, he's categorizing the flag in the same context as sheets, blankets, and people's everyday clothes and it doesn't take a very smart person to realize that the american flag is much more significant than that," Kimzey said.

Other units in the apartment complex have hanging flowers, decorative items, and bird feeders on their decks, which is something Kimzey says is inconsistent with the policy.

"It's my right, I feel, to fly the American Flag, and for whatever reason they decided to target me and the American Flag," Kimsey said.

Kimzey says, in light of recent events in our nation, there's never been a better time to fly the flag.

"Just give a sign of hope, freedom, and just to remind people that even in tough times, we are still a country. This is still the United States of American and we are still land of the free," Kimsey said.

The manager would not comment on this issue and directed KY3 to the corporate office. However, no one there was available to take the call.

Kimzey says if he chooses not to comply with the policy, he could face eviction.