Hailey Owens' parents ask prosecutors to skip death penalty for Craig Wood

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - The mother of murdered Hailey Owens wants prosecutors to pursue a plea deal, not the death penalty, against the man accused of killing her daughter.

Craig Wood is scheduled to stand trial in October and November for first-degree murder, rape and kidnapping for the girl's death in 2014. Her mother, Stacey Barfield, said she would support a sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole for Wood to avoid a painful trial. She said Thursday that prosecutors have not responded to her request.

"I don't want to have to sit there and go through the nightmare, reliving it," Barfield told KY3's Mike Landis during an interview Thursday afternoon. "I have been through enough. I just want it done."

Barfield said prosecutors seeking the death penalty would result in a drawn-out emotional trial, which is something she wants to avoid.

Barfield stated, "I know some of the facts and everything, but there might be something new that pops up and that might get me riled up, and it is hard to get me calmed down once I hear everything that happened to Hailey."

Marcus Ryan Owens, Hailey's biological dad, was also on hand to speak his thoughts. He is in agreement with his former wife regarding the request made to Greene County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Patterson.

"I think it is very important that our son has a chance to have a normal life and put all the pressure behind him. And I don't want him to find out certain aspects of Hailey death he doesn't need to know about." Owens added, "Nothing is going to bring our daughter back. And, I feel like the death of another human being would not serve justice in my daughter's memory."

The family says life in prison could ultimately be worse than a death sentence.

"That will give him more time to think. He knows what he did. That will give him more time to hash it out," Barfield explained.

Owens stated, "If he is not alive then he can't spend every day of the rest of his life thinking about what he did and asking God for forgiveness for what he did.

The family is still waiting to hear from the prosecutor.

The family's attorney, David Ransin, stated, "We have all the confidence that he wants to do it right. It is just very, very difficult for the patience of everyone."

"I pray that he [Patterson] takes into consideration our feelings and emotions and the enormous stress Stacey has been under and we are just ready to put it to rest."