NBC will feature SNL "Weekend Update, Summer Edition"

NEW YORK (NBC) Saturday Night Live has been on the air for more than four decades, and has always been a source of political satire.

But after enjoying its highest-rated season since the 90's, the news-show within the show is looking to capitalize on its hot streak with a series of prime-time episodes.

While President Trump is taking some time away from Washington this week, not everyone is getting out of the office.

“We hate leisure. We hate fun and sun and enjoying our lives,” said Colin Jost, "Weekend Update" anchor.

SNL anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che reunite under the bright lights of studio 8-H for "Weekend update Summer Edition."

“It's gonna be more of the same but looser, funner, and we're gonna be able to experiment a little bit more,” said Che.

They won't have to tinker with the formula too much after Saturday Night Live had its best season in 25 years,.with 22 Emmy nominations.

Che: “Hey Emmy give us money.”
Jost: “Yeah, we'll take money instead of any kind of award.”

The recent success could be attributed to a "Trump-bump," and they'll keep riding that horse.

“The same kinds of things keep happening with trump,” said Jost.

Expect to "maybe" see guest appearances from other cast members.

The four-episodes will air in prime-time before a live audience.

“Well, yeah, we didn't even think about that. We should have people show up, right?” said Jost.

The co-hosts say they don't know exactly how they're going to fill a half hour.

“Once you just start doing it you kinda just get in the rhythm of the show again and it becomes a show,” said Che.

A rhythm they hope translates to prime-time laughter.