Child experts say don't wait for the recalls, strap or anchor all furniture

Within the last few years ... millions of dressers have gone under recall because of tip-over hazards. Children have died under unsecured furniture.

Child experts say don't wait for the recalls, take care of the problem now. It doesn't matter what brand, model, age or size of the TV or dresser. It needs to be mounted.

The latest recall is Mainstays four-drawer chests of drawers. It's sold at Walmart. If you have one, you can get a free kit to secure it to the wall to prevent any accidental tip-overs.

"Go ahead and secure it. It may not seem like it's a big or heavy piece. But as you know, toddlers learn to climb up things very quickly. Anytime they can put their weight on those drawers or anything like that it becomes a tip-over entrapment hazard," said Daphne Greenlee with Safe Kids.

You can buy these straps at about any hardware store. Another option, just bolt your furniture directly to the wall. Just make sure your landlord is okay with that.