Overnight storm destroys docks on Table Rock Lake near Shell Knob

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SHELL KNOB, Mo. The National Weather Service has classified the storm that blew through Shell Knob Friday morning as an EF-0 tornado. It destroyed docks and boats.

Mike Phillips says there isn't much left of his business' dock. He runs The Timbers Resort.

"I looked over from the porch and saw the dock was completely shattered," Phillips said.

While the storm twisted metal and battered boats, the dock took the only damage to his property.

"Nothing. Not a tree down. Just that," Phillips said.

Across the lake from that resort is more proof of that powerful storm.

"Docks upside down, boats upside down," Central Crossing Fire Protection District Fire Chief Rusty Rickard said.

Rickard says four docks were hit southeast of the Shell Knob bridge down Farm Road 1252. The storm barely missed nearby homes. He and a representative with the National Weather Service toured the damaged areas Friday morning.

"There definitely was severe damage to the docks in the area," Rickard said.

Phillips says the tornado hit just as they'd finished cleaning up after recent flooding.

"No more storms! I mean, the floods were enough, right?" Phillips said.

Phillips says, one week ahead of one of the busiest lake weekends of the year, the tornado has bad timing.

"It just kind of puts a kink in the whole idea, but, like I said, everything's fine. We are open for business. We can replace the dock. No one got hurt," Phillips said.

He says they've already made arrangements to fix the dock and have secured another place for customers to keep their boats.

"We are on it," Phillips said.

"It's bad timing, but people here deal with it, they'll bounce back," Rickard said.

Rickard says there were downed power lines in Shell Know as well, but no power outages to homes.