Now is a great time to buy a used phone because of iPhone X

No doubt you heard about the new iPhone coming out. The new Samsung Note 8 is also on the way in a few weeks.

If you plan to get one of the latest gadgets, you can cash-in by selling your old phone. Or -- if you're a penny pincher, now is a great time to buy a used phone.

"We've got a huge demand for them. We'll be a good buyer," said Jason Mohler with Wireless Trendz.

Same goes for Brian Miller with 417 Wireless in Nixa.

"Most everything is just a ballpark over the phone... until you actually see the phone because it's condition is most of its value," he said.

Whenever a new model comes out, these stores reap the benefits.
Consumers sell their old gadgets to snag the next best thing.
Despite the one thousand dollar price tag for the new iPhone, people will still pay that high dollar ... especially if they make some money off their old phone.

Be careful about selling your old phone online.
You might make more money, but the hassle, might not be worth it. If you don't want the newest model, now is the time to buy a used phone.
The prices are slashed and you have more selection than ever before.

If you plan to sell your old phone when those new models hit store shelves ... Here's how to get the most bang for your buck.

Use a screen protector.

Use a case.

Clean it up.

The better condition, the more money you'll get out of it. Even though most stores do it, for peace of mind, clear your data before you sell.