Warrant issued for arrest of man wanted in Nixa bank robbery

Photos: City of Nixa

NIXA, Mo. -- Police say a warrant has been issued for the arrest of a man wanted in a bank robbery in Nixa.

Kendrick Calhoun, 43, is charged with second-degree robbery and is accused of stealing $1,203 by threatening to injure a teller.

Here’s how the robbery went down, according to the probable cause statement used as the basis of the charge:

A teller said a man approached a check writing station at the bank and wrote something on a slip, then approached the teller line and said he needed to make a withdrawal. The teller said the man handed a note with scribbling on it. The teller asked for his identification and he handed her a folded note.

“Pay attention – this is a robbery, no one will get hurt – give me large bills, nothing from the second drawer – don’t be stupid – move quick we won’t hurt anyone,” the note said.

The teller read the note. The associate said the man leaned forward and asked her what was happening. The teller replied by processing the withdrawal and asked him how much he wanted.

The teller said the man looked into her drawer and said, “Whatever you have.” The teller then pulled the money and handed to him.

The teller then asked the man if he wanted to count the money and he said, “Don’t count it.” He then grabbed the money and walked out with it in his hand. The teller told police that she feared what would happen if she didn’t comply with the robber’s demands. She said she thought he could have a gun or knife and she didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

The teller later identified Calhoun in a photo lineup and said she was completely positive he was the robber. Police say other citizens also contacted them to tell them that they recognized Calhoun from photographs taken inside the bank during the robbery.

Calhoun’s probation and parole officer also identified Calhoun as the robber from the photographs. Calhoun was on probation for a burglary in Missouri, and has a past conviction for robbery in 2000 in Washington.

Prosecutors charged Calhoun as a prior and persistent offender, which would increase his possible prison sentence if he’s convicted. He could get a prison sentence as long as 30 years. His past convictions include possession of a controlled substance in Greene County in March 2017, second-degree burglary in Greene County in March 2017, and passing a bad check in Laclede County in 2006.

Nixa Police and other area agencies are trying to locate Calhoun. If you know his location, please call the Nixa Police department at (417) 582-1030.