Police say clerk "did the right thing" in armed robbery with shot fired

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NIXA, Mo. Nixa Police need your help identifying a masked gunman who robbed a Kum & Go overnight. Police say armed robberies at Nixa convenience stores are rare, and even more rare; the suspect fired a shot inside the store.

Wearing a light gray hooded sweatshirt and a bandanna over his face, a white man, likely between 18 and 25, about five foot seven and 130 to 140 pounds, walked into a Nixa Kum and Go. It was at 102 S. Ridgecrest just before 10:30 Wednesday night.

The clerk told police as he was walking to the register demanding money, he fired a shot from a gun into the floor. Nixa Police Detective Jon Huff says, "It's very unusual. I haven't had a case where that's happened, and we can't even explain why that even happened at this point."

No one was hurt and police didn't even find any damage. "There was no breakage of the tile or anything like that, and that's unusual within itself, but we did recover the round at the store," says Huff.

The man got away with cash, leaving on foot. Police say they're checking surveillance video at neighboring businesses, and they have good information from the clerk. "She did the right thing, was a good witness, provided us with some information we can follow up on," says Huff.

The clerk was the only one in the store at the time, but should there be anyone else in a convenience store when a robbery like this occurs, police don't recommend trying to intervene.

"It touches home, a little bit too close," says Mark Chartier. He says he witnessed another convenience store robbery in Springfield a few months ago. "The cash register drawer was open, and suddenly, this guy comes from behind me, reaches clear over the counter, grabs the money and runs. And I was just a split hair from throwing my hot coffee on him to try to slow him down," says Chartier.

But police say if you're caught in a situation like these, it's best to not fight back. "If the public does that, they take a lot of risk of hurting themselves and others, if they take action themselves. The best thing to do is be a good witness. Call the police, we'll come out and we'll handle it," says Detective Huff.

If you have any information about the Nixa suspect, contact Nixa Police at (417)582-1030 or call 911.