Public still has time to comment on Table Rock Lake shoreline plan

TABLE ROCK LAKE, Mo. Folks who enjoy time on Table Rock Lake are running out of time to let their voices be heard on how the lake is managed for years to come.

The proposed Table Rock Lake Shoreline Management plan has a lot of people talking in the lake area, so much so that the Corps of Engineers has actually extended the public comment period.

Many people living on Table Rock Lake, like Bob Gipson, have concerns with how the Corps of Engineers wants to manage the shoreline. "The whole plan, in my opinion, needs to be revamped. There's not enough input by the public," says Gipson.

The Corps extended the public comment period deadline from the end of August to September 15th to allow for more input from the public.

Deana Wolfe, Tri-Lakes Board of Realtors president, says "We've come forward in saying, these are the things we'd like for you all to look at, and then let the public come up with their own opinions and their own comments."

The Tri-Lakes Board of Realtors is spreading the word via a radio ad and a website, Wolfe says, "We believe that protecting private property ownership rights and our public is our job."

They object to a proposed carrying capacity, limiting the number of boats and slips on the lake, and fear people could be turned away here, like in other parts of the country.

"We've had reports that a family would drive in and have their family all ready for a beautiful day at the lake and be in a line, where as boaters came off, boaters were able to enter," says Wolfe.

Many are also concerned about the proposal that all docks run on renewable energy in ten years. Gipson says, "If the Corps of Engineers takes the money that's in the bank and wants to help people fix their docks, so be it. But as a homeowner, everything's fine right here. Everything's safe; I ensure that it's safe."

There are also proposed changes to vegetation rules, that would further restrict what brush can be removed. "If there's an emergency, I need a route for the emergency trucks to get down here," Gipson says.

"If the public does not voice concerns, then of course everybody thinks everything's great," says Wolfe.

If you'd still like to let the Corps of Engineers know your thoughts on the shoreline management plan, visit the link attached to this story to view the plan and find the comment form.

The Corps of Engineers says, "Once the comment period ends, the comments will all be consolidated into a report, with the help of a contractor, which the Corps’ team will review the report and see if middle ground can be found on any controversial area of the proposed plan."

The Corps is seeking comments and ideas on how to improve the draft shoreline management plan, but also asking for comments on what you like about proposed plan/