Real ID deadline for federal facilities looming in Missouri

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. A deadline is looming in Missouri with the Federal Real ID Act, concerning federal facilities and military bases. Questions still remain about when Missourians will be able to get drivers licenses that comply with the law.

The Missouri Department of Revenue, which is responsible for bringing Missouri IDs into compliance, says current IDs will be accepted at federal facilities and military bases until October 10th, which is Tuesday.

The looming deadlines and no access to Real ID compliant licenses yet have many filled with questions and concerns. Kathi Woodward, Springfield-Greene County Library Reference Department manager, says, "The federal facilities is next week, and we get a lot of folks that want to go to Fort Leonard Wood, so they need to have the appropriate ID."

Lawmakers passed a law giving Missourians the option to get a compliant ID, but getting set up to offer them at license offices is taking time. For many, it's frustrating. Springfield resident Janet Matar says, "I don't understand why Missouri doesn't; I can't understand why people don't just listen and follow directions and instructions to do the things that need to be done."

"We get questions, as reference librarians too, they want us to figure out what's going on, but we can't get an answer for them," says Woodward.

Some are choosing to get a federal passport, which is Real ID compliant, to be safe. "We went ahead and got our passports, so that in case we want to go on a vacation, even here I guess, in the United States, but if we wanted to got to Cancun where it's slightly out of the United States, we thought we better get on it," Matar says.

The deadline for air travel with Missouri IDs is in January. As far as the federal facilities deadline next week, the Department of Homeland Security says it may offer a grace period. Their website says states losing their extension won't face enforcement until January 22nd.

Some are getting passports now, before another deadline comes.
"Just in case they need it, they're doing it," says Woodward.

The Department of Revenue says Governor Greitens has written a letter to the Department of Homeland Security, asking for an extension. He sent that letter September 21st and is asking for an extension until March 2019.