Scam of the Week: Stealing from students, bogus grants

Now that school is back is session, crooks are calling students with a bogus offer. A nursing student from Osceola got the call.

"Nine thousand dollars sounds great to anyone especially when you're in school," Laura Hill said.

When Hill isn't chasing her little ones, she's studying up to be a nurse.

"I've always had a passion for caring for people," she said.

She got a call and was told she won a grant.

"She said it was a government grant. That it didn't have to be paid back because it was a grant," said Hill.

Student aid just doesn't work like that. Crooks ask you to pay a processing fee. That fee is usually around two hundred dollars. They want your bank info or credit card number.

"You should never have to pay a fee to get any kind of grant at all," said Becky Ahrens with Drury University.

Be aware of what sounds like a sophisticated program. Con artists will go a long way to try and steal your hard earned money.

"Organizations do setup fake accounts. That you could find and everything looks really great and they have a nice website but really it's not legitimate at all. So always call a financial aid office or another reputable source for that information before you accept any grants that sounds too good to be true," said Ahrens.

If you get this call, report it to the Attorney General. You can file a complaint.