Springfield woman sick of cleaning up homeless feces from yard

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- A Springfield woman is sick and tired of cleaning human feces from her yard. She says there is a homeless camp next to her house that nobody is doing anything about. The house is near Commercial and National Avenue in North Springfield. Sheila Algier owns it and is in the process of fixing it up to sell.
Most morning she or her contractors have to clean up human waste left behind from homeless people that she says lives in the house next door in the 1300 block of East Blaine.
For the past year Algier says she has reached out to police, the city and the owner of the house to no avail.
When Algier took reporter Melody Pettit to knock on the door of the house in question, they found the door propped open with a cinder block and the inside covered in trash, graffiti and filth.
Two people who appeared to be homeless came out from the back of the house. When asked what they were doing there they said they were just walking through the house. Algier says this is common.
Algier showed reporter Melody Pettit the property next to hers is covered in trash bags, shopping carts and human feces and toilet paper.
"They tear the boards off of my fence climb through, steal things, break in and they poop on my property. I just cleaned some up this morning. That's what made me finally call the news team because I'm cleaning up human waste from Barrett Fisk’s irresponsibility. It's horrible," Algier said.
She's referring to the owner of the house, Barrett Fisk investments LLC. Algier said she has contacted Barrett Fisk himself, his parents including Springfield Councilwoman Jan Fisk but hasn’t gotten back any response.
Police say they've responded to that property with the homeless camp at least 12 times just this summer. The city has confirmed at least 4 nuisance and health complaints and still nothing has been done.
The lawyer and registered agent for "Barrett Fisk Investments LLC" says he's only received one complaint. It was from the City a week ago.
The lawyer says this is the City's problem, citing chronic homelessness.
He says even if they did fix everything up the homeless would return. He says the city needs to take a more proactive approach to address the root cause of this issue.
Reporter Melody Pettit reached out to Springfield city council woman Jan Fisk who says the city has to manage and control the homeless problem across the entire City and that it is contributing to the overall deterioration of our neighborhoods.

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