Taste of the Ozarks recipe: Smoked chicken lasagna and pulled pork egg rolls (8/10/17)

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Smoked Chicken Lasagna


-- Lasagna noodles 10 (they always break while boiling, need 8 whole cooked noodles)
-- 2 to 3 pounds of smoked chicken, or a whole rotisserie chicken from the store
-- 2 cups of shredded mozzarella cheese
-- 30 ounces of Alfredo sauce
-- 2 fresh Roma tomatoes, sliced in thin rounds
-- 1 yellow or green squash, sliced thin
-- 1 white onion, sliced thin
-- 1 cup of fresh baby spinach, or frozen chopped spinach
-- 1 small can of sliced black olives
-- 4 tablespoons of Bootleggers house rub, or smoked paprika and garlic powder


-- Boil noodles; once al dente, rinse in cold water to stop cooking
-- Cook squash and onions in a pan on the stove, then let cool as you do other steps
-- Pull your chicken (remember smaller pieces: gotta be bite size!)
-- Lay lasagna noodles out flat on clean surface running longways from you
-- Sprinkle rub lightly over noodles
-- Evenly spread chicken pieces out over the noodles
-- Take three slices of the Roma tomatoes and put them on each noodle: one on the end closest to you, one almost to the middle and one almost to the other end
-- Take your squash and onion mix and place between tomato slices
-- Drop as many black olive slices as you would like on each noodle
-- Spread your spinach evenly across the noodles
-- Spread the shredded mozzarella over everything evenly, reserving back about ½ cup

Now you are ready to start rolling, which is why noodles need to be longways on table

-- Loosely roll the lasagna noodles up and gently place them in a large pan; place two rolls side by side in 4 rows
-- Pour Alfredo sauce over the top
-- Sprinkle any counter droppings and the extra cheese on top of rolls
-- Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees, or until cheese turns brown and bubbling

Makes 4 to 8 servings (1 roll per serving, unless you are extremely hungry)


Pulled pork egg rolls


-- 1 to 1.5 pounds of pulled pork
-- Seasoned french fries
-- Favorite cole slaw
-- Wonton wrappers
-- Small bowl of water
-- Deep pot with a several inches of favorite oil heated to 350 degrees
-- Tongs to remove egg rolls from fryer
-- BBQ sauce for dipping


-- Lay wonton wrappers out on dry clean surface, just 2 at a time (they will dry out!)
-- Place two seasoned fries diagonal in one corner, with about 1” of space between
-- Put pulled pork between fries, slightly mounded up
-- Put cole slaw on top of pulled pork
-- Wrap basically according to instructions on wonton wrappers
-- Dip fingers in bowl and wet edges of wonton wrapper
-- Fold closest corner over top
-- Wet folded sides and fold up onto body
-- Roll body over remaining side
-- Press out any gaps on edges
-- Deep fry (should take about 3 minutes)
-- Check temperature on egg rolls by putting thermometer in end; 145 degrees is good temperature to pull
-- Slice in half or just dig in, use BBQ sauce for dipping

Makes 4 servings (2 egg rolls per serving)