Tornado damages part of downtown Forsyth

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FORSYTH, Mo. (KY3) - An EF-5 tornado with strong winds topping 80 miles an hour left behind a bit of a mess in downtown Forsyth.

"It was very loud sounded like rocks were being thrown at metal. It was actually kind of scary there for a little bit," said Debra Rogers, a worker at a grocery store downtown.

It was just before 7 Thursday night when the storm hit. Rogers was working at the local grocery store and realized she needed to take cover fast.

"We went to the back where there's no windows and stayed safe," Rogers said.

The Save-a-Lot store was spared, however small shops directly across the street were hit. The winds tore the roof of a computer shop.

"They said they just heard roaring for about ten minutes, and they came out, and next thing you know everything laptops everything just pouring from the ceiling," said Curtis Johnson, the son of the store owners.

Cleanup started early Friday morning, but the eerie calm after the storm on Thursday night will stay with this community for much longer.

"There was hail everywhere. The neighbor's roof was on the ground. Actually, at first looked like a big tree had come through, but it was the neighbor's roof, and it was very windy and just rainy," Rogers said.

That computer shop will reopen in another location just a couple doors down, while the owner of the building said it will be a couple days before their insurance adjuster determines what to do next.