Trump threatens Boeing deal, introduces Pentagon pick

WASHINGTON (NBC) One more trump cabinet nominee is official, but facing an unusual hurdle in congress.

Plus: the president-elect's tweet to cancel a $3 billion government contract has big business in a tailspin.

It’s official - retired General James Mattis is President-elect Trump's nominee for Secretary of Defense.

But he's only been retired three years, so Mattis needs a special civilian waiver from Congress.

"I look forward to being the civilian leader," said Mattis.

Late Tuesday, lawmakers put the waiver on the fast track, tying it to a spending bill to keep the government open past Friday.
Trump warned, "Oh, if he didn't get that waiver, there'll be a lot of angry people."

Big businesses - not angry - but anxious after Mr. Trump tweeted a multi-billion dollar Boeing contract to rebuild air force one should be canceled.

"I think it's ridiculous," Trump said.

Boeing replied they'll deliver "at the best value for the American taxpayer."

Privately, sources confirm they contacted the President elect about the deal, suggesting changing specifications could lower the cost.

"I think for Boeing and the suppliers, I wouldn't worry. This is not going to go away," said aerospace defense contracting expert Michel Merluzeau

meantime congress is considering Mr. Trump's 35-percent tariff on goods made overseas by US companies.

Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader said, “What we want is to do everything we can to keep American jobs from being exported."

House Speaker Paul Ryan added, "I think tax reform is the answer to that problem."