WEDNESDAY REVEAL: Silver Dollar City will unveil details of new attraction

NOTCH, Mo. - Silver Dollar City has us wondering 'what's beyond that fence?'

The theme park will reveal its newest attraction on Wednesday. So here's what we know:

-The ride is next to 'Thunderation' on the south side of the park.

-The park calls it the biggest attraction EVER. It says will by more than double in size than any other attraction.

-Silver Dollar City promises a colossal, world-footprint attraction. This is something that has never been done before at any theme park.

-The attraction is designed for the mountainous terrain of the Ozarks.

-It promises several "FIRST and ONLY" attributes in the world.

They got us. We too cannot wait to see what this is. Find out with us on Wednesday on KY3 News @ Noon, on and on the KY3 Facebook Page.