West Plains determines damage after flood

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West Plains, Mo.-- It's been almost a month since flooding rushed through the Ozarks leaving millions of dollars of damage in its wake.

Now cities hit the hardest, like West Plains, are still dealing with piles of debris and the problems that come with so much destruction.

After weeks of cleanup, signs of significant damage in West Plains are sitting in piles.

"Everybody is doing what they can, as much as they can, as fast as they can," Kent Edge, West Plains Emergency Management Director, said.

The city received more than 400 reports of damage made to businesses and homes totaling about $70 million.

"Our population is just under 13,000 people so that's a huge number for us again we're just trying to help out as best we can with the public and trying to keep our infrastructure going," Edge said.

Damages to west plains alone totaled $4.5 million dollars, but there is hope for recovery.

"With the governor signing the declaration of a disaster for the state of Missouri and sending the onto the president I'm hopeful that the president will sign that declaration for the State of Missouri and release those funds from FEMA to help out our people," Edge said.

Everyone is being urged to document their damage and have patience.

"That's the big question is when are they going to get here and cause you know a lot of these people don't know what they're going to do and they're waiting to see what help they can get before they go on and it's difficult to put that information out there when you don't know," Edge said.

One of the city's many priorities right now is to hire a company to help clean up the debris piles throughout the city.