What parents need to know about summer sports leagues

SPRINGFIELD, Mo Summer is just around the corner and many kids will ramp up their activity in sports leagues.

So, on this Live, Life, Well, we're looking at the pros and cons of competition. For older teenagers, sports can reinforce the idea that in 'real life' you don't always win.

But., in younger kids, 9 and younger, the focus should be on developing skills and learning how to work together.

Jennifer Baker of Good Dads says, "The whole emphasis on winning at all costs can bring out all kinds of negative behaviors. One of those could be cheating. If winning is the ultimate goal, then, you'll do whatever you have to... to get there."

The 'pros' of competition include; It may enhance self-esteem, It can teach children to win and lose gracefully. And, it can motivate children to do better.

For parents, remember not to go 'wild' in the stands. It doesn't send your child the right message.

On top of that, many coaches at the collegiate level are now saying, don't focus your child on one sport at a young age. Let them try several different team sports and get a variety of experiences.