UPDATE: Missing two month old found safe in Springfield hotel

A two month old baby who was in need of immediate medical care has been found safe.  Baby hospitalized, parents arrested.


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apple smartwatch

Analyst downgrades Apple stocks as smartwatch goes on sale

While sales of the Apple Watch won't be a big part of the company's earnings for some time, early reviews on Apple Watch suggest it may fall far short of the hype. 

google glass image

Too freaky: Google will stop sales of 'Glass' to redesign device

Glass is a hands-free device featuring a tiny screen above the wearer's right eye. It cost $1,500 and raised privacy concerns for its potential to secretly take pictures.

iphone 6

The bigger iPhone brings in bigger money for Apple

The iPhone 6 Plus retails for $750, but an industry analyst says it costs Apple only $215 to make.

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