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NBC News Headlines

Detroit Grapples With Water Shutoffs, Teacher Walkouts

Almost all of Detroit's schools were closed for a second day, and thousands of residents face having their water shut off.

Flint Residents Hope Obama's Visit Will Stir Waters of Change

As President Obama prepared to visit Flint, Michigan on Wednesday, residents hope his visit will shine a light on the water crisis.

A Third of Antibiotic Prescriptions are Just Wrong

Nearly a third of all prescriptions written for antibiotics are just not needed, according to a new report issued Tuesday.

'Beyond Devastation': Ohio Massacre Victims Laid to Rest

The funeral was standing room only, and family spokesman said after the service. He added that the mood inside the church was "very somber."

Cops Got Unverified Tip About Prince and Cocaine

The 911 call came from a woman in Germany but authorities did not investigate because no proof of drug use was offered.