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Christmas Greetins: Steve Grant, Stan Bess Family

Christmas Greetings: Emily Wood family, Frances Watson

Christmas Greetings: Slinkard family, Hawkins family, Ron Hearst

Christmas Greetings: Moody family, Abby Dyer family

Christmas Greetings: Karen Gauck & Barbie Carrigan, Enlow family

Christmas Greetings: Melton family, Adam Pressler, Marshall family

Christmas Greetings: Gomas girls, Snodgrass family

Christmas Greetings: Leonard family, Evans family

Christmas Greetings: Schultheis family, Michelle Briggs & Tonya Gomes

Christmas Greetings: Ethan & Sara Forhetz family

Christmas Greetings: Ward family, Plein family

Christmas Greetings: Replogle family, Plein family

Christmas Greetings: Mike Scott family


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NBC News Headlines

Allison Mack freed to parents on $5 million bail

Mack is charged with sex trafficking and other crimes in connection with the secret group Nxivm, which prosecutors call a cult.

Trump warns Iran of 'bigger problems' if it restarts nuclear program

Trump's comments came shortly after Iranian president Hassan Rouhani warned of "severe consequences" if the administration "betrays the deal."

Toronto van attack suspect charged with 10 counts of murder

Police said Monday afternoon's van attack in downtown Toronto "definitely looked deliberate," but downplayed any potential connection to terrorism.

Closing arguments begin in Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial

A defense lawyer told the jury the case is about a "blind 80-year-old man with a successful career facing absolute ruin."

Victims sued a Mideast bank for financing terror. Supreme Court said they can't.

In a 5-4 vote, the court refused to revive lawsuits that sought to hold Arab Bank responsible for attacks against foreign nationals in the Middle East.