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NBC News Headlines

Arkansas Executions: State Plans to Put Final Inmate to Death

Arkansas plans to put Kenneth Williams to death Thursday — the final execution of a controversial spate that has garnered international attention.

Delta Asked Man to Leave Plane for Going to Bathroom: Video

Delta removed Kima Hamilton from a flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee after he used the restroom while the plane was delayed on the tarmac as it taxied to take off, according to a YouTube video filmed by another passenger.

Cop Charged for Killing Pedestrian While Speeding

A Philadelphia cop was arrested Wednesday after speeding alongside another officer led to the death of a 50-year-old pedestrian crossing the street earlier this year.

Anti-ISIS Raid Leaves at Least 2 U.S. Service Members Dead

Afghanistan remains mired in violence and bloodshed as the Taliban and ISIS fight over territory and clash against government and coalition forces.

Painkillers to Heroin, New Film Shows It Can 'Happen to Anybody'

The heroin addicts whose stories are told in "Warning: This Drug May Kill You" all began by abusing prescription painkillers.