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Fit Friday quick and healthy breakfast souffle

KY3's Paul Adler tastes a quick and healthy breakfast treat. 

jazzercise strength photo

Fit Friday: Build muscle at Jazzercise Strength class

On this Fit Friday, KY3's Paul Adler tries out Jazzercise with Dawn Snapp.

Southwest Airlines Generic

Lower fuel costs add up to bigger profits for Southwest Airlines

Southwest's fuel bills dropped, thanks to the sharp slide in oil prices since last summer. The airline paid $2 per gallon, down from $3.08 a year ago, and the savings added up to $437 million.

airport passengers

A small victory for fliers: Summer domestic fares take a tiny dip

The average roundtrip domestic ticket this summer now stands at $454, down $2 from last summer.

Man praying in church, MGN Online

Live, Life, Well: Your church could help you fight depression

 Productive activities play an important role in the treatment of depression. 

fit friday fast food

Fit Friday: Got a pain in the gut? Tackle digestive issues

If you've got a pain in your gut-- you might want to check out this discussion about digestion. 


Drought expands across large sections of America's crop lands

Drought conditions have broadened in the Midwest, affecting nearly a quarter of the country's corn production.

Heinz ketchup

Jury rejects man's claim that he invented Heinz ketchup packets

A Detroit-area businessman had sued, claiming the "Little Dipper" package he invented led Heinz to copy his idea.

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