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missouri legislature

Missouri Senate endorses pilot porgram to forgive child support debt

Republican Sen. David Sater, of Cassville, says the pilot program would help parents without custody of their children find employment and become more involved with their children.

generic stretcher in hospital

Troubling Trend: Suicide jumps for middle-aged adults

A new study reveals suicides among middle-aged adults are on the rise.  The researchers focused on suicide rates for people between the ages of 40-and-64. They found the rates have increased by 40-percent since 2007.

happy older couple with vintage photo in background MGNonline

Live, Life, Well: Saving your memory by finding a purpose

A study out of Chicago indicates that people who feel a greater purpose in life could be fighting off memory loss in their later years.

sandtube workout

Fit Friday The sandtube workout

A $4 investment in a sandbag tube can lead to a great home workout.

Video Simple technique to break bad habits

Live, Life, Well: How you can break a bad habit

Many people begin the New Year vowing to quit smoking, lose weight or start exercising.  So, we're looking at the steps you need to take to make a positive change in your life. 

Generic divorce picture


Live, Life, Well: Handling the holidays after divorce

In this Live, Life, Well segment, we look at ways to handle the holidays after a divorce.

adoption cost

Adoption can be expensive; some go online to pay for it

'It goes so much more beyond you.  The red tape and the finances -- while that's huge -- it doesn't become the main thing,' said one adopter.

Gay Marriage Court

Arkansas asks court to uphold state's ban on gay marriage

A Pulaski County judge struck down the ban earlier this year, and 541 same-sex couples were married before the ruling was suspended by the state Supreme Court.

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