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Live, Life, Well: Saving your memory by finding a purpose

A study out of Chicago indicates that people who feel a greater purpose in life could be fighting off memory loss in their later years.

sandtube workout

Fit Friday The sandtube workout

A $4 investment in a sandbag tube can lead to a great home workout.

Video Simple technique to break bad habits

Live, Life, Well: How you can break a bad habit

Many people begin the New Year vowing to quit smoking, lose weight or start exercising.  So, we're looking at the steps you need to take to make a positive change in your life. 

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Live, Life, Well: Handling the holidays after divorce

In this Live, Life, Well segment, we look at ways to handle the holidays after a divorce.

adoption cost

Adoption can be expensive; some go online to pay for it

'It goes so much more beyond you.  The red tape and the finances -- while that's huge -- it doesn't become the main thing,' said one adopter.

Gay Marriage Court

Arkansas asks court to uphold state's ban on gay marriage

A Pulaski County judge struck down the ban earlier this year, and 541 same-sex couples were married before the ruling was suspended by the state Supreme Court.

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Stressed-out parents with overscheduled kids may need to add 'space'

Jennifer Baker, vice president of Forest Institute, talks about the issue and offers a solution.

crayola crayons

Crayola to open family attraction in Orlando

Crayola is a subsidiary of Kansas City-based Hallmark Cards.

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