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On this Fit Friday, Jodelle Fitzwater of Get Fit with Jodelle joins KY3's Paul Adler to tackle that age old complaint from those who avoid exercise. They say, "I don't have time for a workout." So, Jodelle is introducing, The “100 Workout.” A workout you can do anytime and anywhere.

Here's what Jodelle wrote:

Need a quick total body workout, that won’t stress your mind, but will work every muscle of your body? These simple three exercises done together, are an effective way to boost muscle, burn fat, and set the stage for all over toning, yet require no equipment and little space. And very little time! Actually these can be spaced out throughout your day as well, so that you can achieve your fitness goals in a manner that works with your busy schedule. It’s called the “100 Workout” and

Here’s how it works:

3 exercises:

Squats - works the buns, hips and thighs for a sleek, sculpted lower body Pushups - works almost every muscle of the upper body including the back.

Pushups: works the upper body.

Situps/Crunches - works the abdominals and trims the waistline

Sets of exercises:4 sets of 25, 5 sets of 20, or 10 sets of 10

How to “work it out”: Choose whether you would like like to begin with 10, 20, or 25. Starting with squats, as if you were sitting down in a chair and standing back up, keeping your weight in your heels and your back straight. Next, move to the floor for pushups and try them from your knees or your toes. (You can do these against the wall if the floor is not a good option for you.) Then flip over and lie on your back, choosing to do crunches or full sit-ups depending on your fitness level. (Again, if the floor is not an option, you can do crunches laying the edge of a bed with feet on the floor.)

Now, you may choose to do one or a couple sets and then take a break and do some other daily tasks, and come back to the rest of the sets periodically throughout your day. Or perhaps you would like a good 15-30 minute workout where you do all three exercises back to back until all chosen sets are completed. You could do this periodically throughout your day at your office, taking care of kids, or at the gym. Watching your favorite show on TV?  Why not try your sets during all the commercial breaks!

By the end of each day you do this, you will have done 100 of each exercise. Not only is it great for toning your entire body, but it’s empowering to know that you can do 100 squats, pushups, and crunches!

Aim to do this workout at least 2x per week, in addition to your favorite cardiovascular and stress-relieved workouts, to achieve optimal fitness results and re-shape your entire body! Easy, effective,and endless possibilities to make it work for you.

Written by: Jodelle Fitzwater, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

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