Springfield, MO -

We're getting you ready for Spring on this Fit Friday. David Poland of Extreme Fitness showed KY3's Paul Adler a routine to tighten up your tummy. This is called partner abs.

Here's what David wrote about this workout, "(here are) 3 exercises you can do with a partner involving passing a weighted (medicine) ball. The weighted ball provides a fun way to change it up and build and strengthen your core. Start with a 4 – 8 lb. med ball and as you gain strength, work your way up to a 10 to 12 lb. ball.

The first 2 exercises are called a side twist, or Russian twist. Sit on the ground with your feet off the floor. Your partner faces your side, about 3 feet away. Your partner throws the ball. With your hands in the air, catch the ball, using a twisting motion, and throw it back to your partner. This motion develops your oblique muscles, your core, and lower abdominal muscles. When you have finished the workout on your right side, switch to your left side for the second phase

For the third exercise, face your partner with 3 or so feet between you. You are sitting, with your legs separated and your feet off the ground. When your partner throws the med ball, catch it and bounce it back. This exercise works your core, like a crunch or a sit up.

For all these exercises, do 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps. If you find these exercises are too challenging at first, start with your feet on the ground."