Springfield, MO -

On this Fit Friday, Pamela Hernandez with Thrive Personal Fitness explains to KY3's Paul Adler that keeping your bones strong and healthy involves more than just adjusting your diet.

Here's what Pamela told us; It is estimated that 9 million people in the US currently have osteoporosis while another 45 million have low bone mineral density. When we discuss preventing these conditions we often talk about diet - calcium intake in particular - but we forget about exercise.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends life long participation in both
weight bearing and muscle strengthening exercises. The American College of Sports
recommends weight bearing exercises 3-5 times a week and muscle strengthening
activities 2-3 times per week.

Weight bearing exercises put a load on the bone, creating good stress that causes
the bone to grow stronger. Weight bearing exercises include jogging, walking and
jumping activities like jumping rope. If high impact activities are off limits, try stair
stepping, placing all of your weight on the lead foot.

Strength training should be focused on functional movements, focusing on the
back and hips. Include exercises like squats, lunges, rows and push ups as well as
exercises to work on balance. Improving balance helps prevent falls and fractures.

Of course, combine exercise with a diet rich in calcium foods like Greek Yogurt and
kale and time in the sun to get your natural Vitamin D.

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