Noah Alldredge of Big Time Results joined Ky3's Paul Adler for a look at a Crossfit type workout to tone up those chest muscles. They demonstrated the crossover pushup on this Fit Friday.

It's pretty easy to get started. First, get down in a pushup position. Then, as your pushing yourself up cross your right hand over your left hand and do another pushup.

Noah wrote this about pushups; "Pushups are the classic exercise for physical fitness. They have been used for decades by fitness enthusiasts from Jack LaLanne to Arnold and now your very own Paul Adler. You can also utilize the pushup to build and sculpt that bronze chest!

Besides working your chest muscles, pushups also work the shoulders and triceps making it a great upper body exercise to do anywhere since all that is required is you.

Its important to activate your core muscles when doing a pushup... so,  your lower back is not at risk. Remember to take your belly button to your spine! Its good to breath in on the way down and breath out on the way up!

Make sure to keep your hands aligned with your armpits and do not allow your hands to be too far out in front of you. Today, there are many modifications to push ups to provide plenty of variety. So., mix it up and do close grip pushups, incline pushups, decline pushups, plyo pushups, pause pushups and my favorite superman pushups! "