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Photo: tasting Iron Woman Smoothie

Fit Friday: Get stronger with 'Iron Woman Smoothie'

Pamela Hernandez recommends this smoothie for women fighting breast cancer. 

Paul does a plank

Fit Friday: Tighten the tummy with a twist on planks

Tired of static planks? On this Fit Friday, how you can add variety to strengthen your stomach.

hill training

Fit Friday: Tackling hills is good way to burn fat, if done right

A workout that takes on hills, if you dare to climb them, can strengthen muscles, tendons and joints more safely than simply running fast.

Angela runs 5k

Fit Friday: How one woman moved from couch to half-marathon

Local woman battles back from bone tumor and charts a fitness plan in this Fit Friday report.

Gary and the running club

Fit Friday: one man's weight loss success story

How one man got motivated to get up off the couch and keep moving

fit friday on bike

Fit Friday: a quick fat burning workout

Get on the bike at home or at the gym and burn fat with this quick workout. 

Fit Friday Recipe for easy and energy-boosting breakfast

RECIPE: Banana Coconut Chia Seed Muffins

Packed with protein and fiber these muffins are a great healthy way to start your day.

Jump rope

FIT FRIDAY: Get fit jumping rope

This is an easy way for a full body workout.

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