Breaking News: Springfield officer shot suffers serious injuries; man arrested near scene

Police say the officer was responding to a "check person" call near the intersection of Glenstone Avenue at Chestnut Expressway around 1:30 a.m. 

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sandtube workout

Fit Friday The sandtube workout

A $4 investment in a sandbag tube can lead to a great home workout.

Fit Friday 3 workouts you can do with a partner

FIT FRIDAY: 3 workouts you can do with a partner

Three exercises you can do with a friend. 

Image: when to take supplements

Fit Friday: When should you take supplements?

Pamela Hernandez of Thrive Personal Fitness talked about supplements and the one thing that you should check on the label.

Rolling out muscle soreness

Fit Friday: 'Oops, I overdid it!'

Muscle soreness is a normal reaction to starting a new fitness program or even changing the types of activities that you do."

2014 Fitness gift giving guide

On this Fit Friday, Pamela Hernandez shares her favorites for your fit friends.

Weight loss app review

Fit Friday: favorite fitness and weight loss apps

One of our fitness partners shows us his favorite apps and explains why you might like them too. 

video beating plantar fasciitis and shin splints

Nine minute workout can burn off extra Thanksgiving calories

Just do a nine minute workout for the next three days, and you can burn off those additional calories you ate on the holiday.

fitness shot

Fit Friday: 5 moves to put your fitness to the test

On this Fit Friday, we're getting a look at what you should do-- before jumping back into exercise. Noah Alldredge of Big Time Results suggests testing your baseline fitness with 5 moves. 

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