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Fit Friday: Shaping up with tricep bench dips

Dawn Schaffer demonstrates some exercises you can do at home. 

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Power up your day with this smoothie recipe

On this Fit Friday, we power up your day with Spinach, Almonds and fruit. Check out our power smoothie recipe. 

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Fit Friday: Fuel your workout with lean protein options

On this Fit Friday, KY3's Paul Adler and Pamela Hernandez of Thrive Personal Fitness show you the options beyond meat for protein in your diet. 

(img1)WATCH: Own a FitBit?  How it helped one Springfield woman improve her sleep

Own a FitBit? How it helped one Springfield woman improve her sleep

More and more are turning to technology to track their fitness and their sleep quality.  KY3's Paul Adler explains how woman's FitBit detected a sleep disorder.

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FIT FRIDAY: Half the workout, double the calories burned

This workout targets all the muscle groups. 

jerry and elliptigo

What is that on the streets of Springfield?

KY3's Paul Adler got and answer and found quite the story. 

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Fit Friday: Sit for a long time at work? Try these stretches.

On this Fit Friday, KY3's Paul Adler visits with Teresa Ollis of the Ollis Center.

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Fit Friday: Get strong legs before joining Couch 2 5k program

You need to strengthen the muscles and connective tissue that support the joints before you start subjecting them to the high impact force of running.

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