Power outages in Christian County expected to last into Friday; shelter open in Ozark

7,600 customers lost power Thursday afternoon after damage to a transformer. Shelter open for affected customers through the night.

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Fit Friday Recipe for easy and energy-boosting breakfast

RECIPE: Banana Coconut Chia Seed Muffins

Packed with protein and fiber these muffins are a great healthy way to start your day.

Jump rope

FIT FRIDAY: Get fit jumping rope

This is an easy way for a full body workout.

School lunch generic

RECIPES: Healthy back-to-school lunches

A peanut-free PB & J sandwich and easy recipes for your own Ranch dressings & granola bars

Orange Fitness workout

Fit Friday: Are you making these rookie fitness mistakes?

On this Fit Friday, KY3's Paul Adler opens up about his love of cookies with Pamela Hernandez as the two discuss the fitness mistakes many of us seem to make.

Video sorting through all the protein bars on the market

Fit Friday: Which protein bar is right for you?

You might get overwhelmed these days with the variety and number of choices when it comes to protein or energy bars in the local supermarket. On this week's Fit Friday, Pamela Hernandez of Thrive Personal Fitness helped KY3's Paul Adler sort through all the choices.

FIT FRIDAY Playground exercises

Fit Friday: 5 exercises you can do on playground equipment

They include the squat, split squat, pull up, cross the monkey bars, and dip on stair.

(img1)Fit Friday Paddleboard

Celebrate the Ozarks: Fit Friday workout on Table Rock Lake

KY3's Paul Adler shares this paddleboard workout on Table Rock Lake with Denette Carriger.

fit friday with pamela hernandez

Fit Friday: 4 ways to boost your activity tracker numbers

On this Fit Friday, we're visiting with Pamela Hernandez with Thrive Personal Fitness. She's explaining how you aren't limited to walking when it comes to boosting your numbers on those activity trackers.

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