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Fit Friday: 5 moves to put your fitness to the test

On this Fit Friday, we're getting a look at what you should do-- before jumping back into exercise. Noah Alldredge of Big Time Results suggests testing your baseline fitness with 5 moves. 

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Bouncing back from injury or illness

On today's Fit Friday, we look at the best way to start an exercise program again after injury or illness. 

Marathon week nutrition

Date-based recipe with maple syrup and pumpkin seeds

This Fit Friday looks at marathon week nutrition including a date based recipe

Fit 1010

Fit Friday: Do you need a supplement?

It's the most frequent question many fitness trainers get--- what about supplements?

foot pain

Fit Friday: Dealing with foot pain and shin splints

On this Fit Friday, Paul Adler visited with Eric Johnson from Ultramax on the topic of how athletes can deal with foot pain.

Photo: tasting Iron Woman Smoothie

Fit Friday: Get stronger with 'Iron Woman Smoothie'

Pamela Hernandez recommends this smoothie for women fighting breast cancer. 

Paul does a plank

Fit Friday: Tighten the tummy with a twist on planks

Tired of static planks? On this Fit Friday, how you can add variety to strengthen your stomach.

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Fit Friday: Tackling hills is good way to burn fat, if done right

A workout that takes on hills, if you dare to climb them, can strengthen muscles, tendons and joints more safely than simply running fast.

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