David Poland from Extreme Fitness tells us how to get better looking shoulders on this Fit Friday.

He showed KY3's Paul Adler four easy exercises. These work every major muscle group in the shoulders with just a pair of dumbbells. So, you don't have to grab a heavy set of weight. These exercises will strengthen and add size and flexibility to your shoulders.

The first is the dumbbell lateral that works the side Deltoid muscle.  Start with the weights at your side and raise them parallel to the ground.  Don’t raise the weights above your shoulders.

The second is the front raise.  With palms down, holding the weights, raise your arms to your shoulders.  Again, don’t raise the weights above your shoulders. This movement isolates the front Deltoid muscle.

The third is the bent over rear Deltoid workout.  This exercise needs to be performed bent over so you can isolate the rear muscle.  Use one arm at a time, and using a “start the lawn mower” motion, back straight (don’t hunch), pull the weight up so the elbow is fully bent.

The last exercise is the dumbbell shoulder press.  This is a great finisher for your routine.  Press the dumbbell straight above the head and work each major muscle group of the shoulder.

The deltoid muscle is not a big muscle, so it can fatigue quickly.  Delts can be hard to develop, so be patient with your progress.  Start with 3 sets of 10 set a goal to increase to 4 sets.

These moves will help women look better in sleeveless dresses. Men can also benefit from these 4 simple lifts, by improving posture and looking broader in clothing.