Springfield, MO -

Performing plyometrics using a plyo box is an excellent way to strengthen and develop your quadriceps, hamstrings, and the four gluteal muscles.

Irrigation boxes used outdoors for storing a garden hose are durable and make a good plyo box for a lot less money. They can be found at any hardware store for about $20.00. The boxes are about 12" high. Consider buying 2 boxes so you can stack them as you get stronger to increase the impact of your workout.

Here are 3 suggested workouts to do with your plyo box:

For the first exercise, you are stepping up on the plyo box and then off again. Begin by facing the box. Step up onto the box, one leg at a time and then off the box, one leg at a time. This up and down movement, like climbing a deep stair, develops the quad muscles.

For the next exercise, face away from the box and put the toes of one foot on the edge of the box. Do a split squat with your other leg. Bring your middle section down deep. Do this same motion with the toes of the other foot on the box. This exercise will develop your hamstrings and gluts.

The last exercise is to stand in front of the box and jump with both feet onto the box and then off again.

For these three exercises, start with 3 sets of 10 reps with each leg. As you gain strength in your legs, increase the sets and reps until you can do 4 or 5 sets of 15.