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US consumer prices fell in August

A big drop in gas prices helped bring down costs for consumers.

(img2)fit friday cellulite

Fit Friday: Personal trainer describes 2 ways to battle cellulite

"The best solutions are the things we should be doing every day anyway: exercising and eating clean," says Pamela Hernandez .

power smoothie 1

Power up your day with this smoothie recipe

On this Fit Friday, we power up your day with Spinach, Almonds and fruit. Check out our power smoothie recipe. 

Blue Bell begins first ice cream shipments after listeria

The Texas-based company on Tuesday used Twitter and Facebook to announce its trucks "are on the road again" and filled with ice cream. The messages did not say when and where Blue Bell products would be sold.

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Taste of the Ozarks whips up a Shrimp Remoulade Salad

We mix up a nice summer salad recipe with our friends from Newk's. 

California drought

California orders large water cuts for farmers

The order applies to farmers whose rights to water were staked more than a century ago. Many farmers holding those water rights contend the state has no authority to order cuts.


Bird flu: U.S. will import egg products from Netherlands to ease shortages

Large bakeries and makers of cookies, crackers and breads face an egg crisis. A third of the supply disappeared because of the H5N2 virus, which led to the deaths of 35 million egg-laying hens.


USDA: Bird flu vaccine not good enough to handle an outbreak

The vaccine offers just 60 percent effectiveness in chickens, leaving four in 10 birds unprotected, while the vaccine's effectiveness in turkeys is still being studied.  

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