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SE Missouri town postpones Halloween because of heavy rain

The city of Perryville on Thursday sent out an advisory that trick-or-treating would be postponed until Friday night due to heavy rain.

Safe Halloween events offered for families in Springfield

Springfield fire stations and the Springfield Art Museum are hosting events to give families a safe place to trick-or-treat.

NJ trick or treaters

Groups offer tips on making Halloween trick-or-treating safe

Various agencies and organizations want children to be safe when they’re trick-or-treating.  Here is information from three organizations in Springfield.

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Mold closes tours at former Missouri prison

The State of Missouri owns the former prison site. Tests were performed after the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau noticed a "heightened musty smell."

Scare To Learn Clue #2

It's time to reveal our next clue in this year's "Scare To Learn" local celebrity in disguise.  Care To Learn founder Doug Pitt revealed the first clue on Ozarks Today saying, "This nun is no saint and is not a member of my family."

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