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Texas rancher's dog hitches ride on ambulance

When an 85-year-old rancher in Texas had to be taken to the hospital, his dog wasn't about to be left behind.

Dog chews off foot to escape


Dog chews off own foot to escape chains

Authorities were investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a German Shepherd puppy that had apparently chewed off his own hind foot after being chained.

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Purrrfect! Cat cafes opening across US

Cat photos and videos have already taken over the Internet. Now, to the delight of cat lovers from coast to coast, it seems felines are also trying to corner the cafe market.

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Dog goes missing on Delta flight

Frank Ramano is upset about an airline misplacing some very precious cargo on a recent flight: his dog, Ty. A week later, Ty is still missing.

Dog stuck on roof for 3 days

A Rottweiler in Ohio is recovering after being stuck on a roof for three days.

Police lights file

Woman dumps 27 guinea pigs in Oregon

A woman who authorities said dumped at least 27 guinea pigs in a ditch is facing charges of animal neglect and animal abandonment.


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'Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month' for the underdogs

It's been said time and again that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but what about giving one a new lease on life? Animal rights organizations like the ASPCA and shelters nationwide have taken to observing November as Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month.

Obie the dachshund


Dispute over donations to Obie the dachshund settled

Obie's owner raised near $75,000 in donations through PayPal and from the sale of Obie-related merchandise between August 2012 and February 2014. In January, the Oregon Department of Justice's Charitable Activities Section began investigating how those donations were spent.

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