Lottery for Easter Egg Roll closes Thursday

Business owner will lead St. Patrick's Day parade in Springfield

Mississippi city renames 'Great Americans Day' to honor MLK

The holiday shopping season is losing some of its power

PHOTOS: Santa Claus, elves chugged into Kansas City after jolly jaunt through MO

Pets getting it good for the holidays

First lady accepts White House Christmas tree from Wisconsin

Old Christmas toy favorites get new looks this season

WATCH: Time-lapse video of Macy's Parade balloons passing by

Crowds, security at Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Retailers optimistic for successful shopping season



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NBC News Headlines

José was reunited with his son — but the 3-year-old is not the same

"When I was reunited with my son, he just kept looking at me, crying. He wouldn't talk to me," a father from Honduras said.

Research (once again) suggests Shroud of Turin is fake

Scientists used blood pattern analysis research techniques to study stains on the Shroud, concluding they are inconsistent with a single position.

Inside the last Blockbuster video store in America

In 2004, the world was home to about 9,000 Blockbuster outlets. By 2013, the last remaining corporate-owned stores had closed, but privately owned locations were able to license the Blockbuster brand.

Dental plaque shows the ancients liked carbs

Very old plaque preserved on the teeth of the long dead reveals their favorite foods.

Alleged ride-share rapist wanted for deportation in San Francisco

ICE said they believe the deportation request will be ignored because San Francisco's sanctuary city policy barring local authorities from cooperating with most deportation efforts.