CLICK HERE to track lake levels in White River Basin

SLIDESHOW: See hour-by-hour where to expect stormy weather Monday evening

CLICK HERE for latest MoDOT and Arkansas road conditions

What is the heat index?

VIDEO: Police officer captures dust devil in Jasper County, Mo.

Baby killed, dozens hurt when tornado hits North Dakota city

PICTURES: Storm damages businesses, trees in Branson, Mo.

Arkansas man working in yard dies after hit by lightning

Oklahoma sees more severe earthquakes, fewer overall

Tornado reported at high-elevation Colorado fire

National Weather Service confirms tornado in St. Clair County Tuesday

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Surveillance captures strong storm in Holden, Mo.

Tornado uproots trees, damages power lines near Kansas City

SLIDESHOW: KY3's Futurecast Radar maps hour-by-hour storms for Tuesday

National Weather Service issues Severe Thunderstorm Watch for the Ozarks Tuesday

Mars rover still silent as red planet dust storm goes global

SLIDESHOW: KY3's Futurecast Radar maps hour-by-hour stormy weather Wednesday

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Vote Leave, which scored a narrow victory, was guilty of "serious breaches" of transparency.

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