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Scam of the Week: Bogus Publishers Clearing House letter

On Your Side: Beware of this driveway repair offer

Hy-Vee announces partnerships with national online grocery delivery services

Cautionary Catfish Tale: Man from Flemington, Mo. nearly dies after getting barbed

Know these scams: jury duty, IRS email and driveway work

On Your Side: What to buy in July

Goodbye, Geoffrey: Toys R Us closing its last stores

Romaine lettuce outbreak tied to tainted irrigation canal

On Your Side: What to ask before you hire storm cleanup help

On Your Side: Did you get this letter in the mail about your property?

On Your Side Investigation: Sunroom company owner asks for more time to respond to fraud accusations

Consumer Reports: Top tested repellents for mosquitoes and ticks

On Your Side: How clean is your favorite public pool?

CONTACT KY3 CONSUMER ALERT: Kellogg's recalls Honey Smacks because of salmonella potential

Trump declares oil prices too high, blames OPEC

On Your Side: Two new phone scams about medicare and bank info

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NBC News Headlines

Former wrestlers sue Ohio State University over alleged abuse

Coaches and administrators were "repeatedly informed" of Strauss's serial sexual abuse, according to a complaint.

José was reunited with his son — but the 3-year-old is not the same

"When I was reunited with my son, he just kept looking at me, crying. He wouldn't talk to me," a father from Honduras said.

Research (once again) suggests Shroud of Turin is fake

Scientists used blood pattern analysis research techniques to study stains on the Shroud, concluding they are inconsistent with a single position.

Inside the last Blockbuster video store in America

In 2004, the world was home to about 9,000 Blockbuster outlets. By 2013, the last remaining corporate-owned stores had closed, but privately owned locations were able to license the Blockbuster brand.

Dental plaque shows the ancients liked carbs

Very old plaque preserved on the teeth of the long dead reveals their favorite foods.