Study: wearable sensors can be 'check engine' lights for health

Trump meets with vaccine skeptic Robert Kennedy Jr.

Earwax has health benefits; don't remove it without doctor's advice

VA expands hours of clinic in Dent County

Don't cut the cord too fast; a pause benefits most newborns

Way to fight painkiller addiction at home shows promise

Generic version of EpiPen hits market this week

TreeHouse Foods recalls macaroni and cheese cup products

Mumps booster urged amid University of Missouri outbreak

Death toll from Australia's thunderstorm asthma reaches 6

Study finds 3 arthritis pain drugs equally safe for the heart

CDC reports smoking rates continue to fall; still highest among men

Arkansas brings medical pot to Bible Belt, but fights remain

Zika study raises concern about men

Closing the fear on open enrollment

$70 million talcum powder lawsuit winner: Money can't return lost health

Arkansas medical board passes rules for remote health visits

How long can people live? New study suggests limit

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NBC News Headlines

FBI Arrests Wife of Orlando Nightclub Shooter

Noor Salman is charged with obstruction of justice and providing material support to a terrorist organization.

5 Juveniles Among 8 Injured in Miami MLK Festival Gunfire

Two people were detained after the shooting, which occurred during a festival honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Istanbul Nightclub Attack Suspect Captured by Police

The suspected attacker has been apprehended and taken to Haseki hospital in Istanbul, a police source told NBC News. The suspect killed 39 and wounded 69 people after opening fire in a crowd gathered to celebrate the new year at Reina nightclub, one of the city's most exclusive.

Trump to Germany: You Bring Your Cars Here, You Pay 35 Percent Tax

Already taking aim at Mexico, President-elect Donald Trump is now warning he might enact a 35 percent tax on Canadian and German cars.

Why Trump's Attack on John Lewis Resonated

For many African-Americans, the timing and tone of Trump's response to Rep. Lewis's criticism of him showed a startling lack of respect and reverence.